We recognise the importance of providing each and every one of our clients with the highest possible standards of support and infrastructure throughout the defects rectification period and beyond. 


We have a dedicated aftercare team which is responsible for ensuring timely response and resolution of defects, resulting in a positive experience for our client.



All reported defects are reported by the Client via the ‘SnagR’ software package, indicating the priority level.

Priority Level 1  Action required within 24 hours

Priority Level 2  Action required within 3-7 days

Priority Level 3  Action required within 10 days

Priority Level 4  Action required within 12 months

The dedicated Aftercare Coordinator will appoint the relevant sub-contractor to rectify the works and will co-ordinate access, with the Client.

The Aftercare Coordinator will approve the repair and obtain Client sign off prior to closing out the defect on SnagR.

Defects / maintenance provision is a factor which is carefully considered when selecting supply chain members for projects.

We endeavour to select local sub-contractors where possible, as this not only provides ourselves and the clients with greater support and reduced response times, but also helps meet our CSR and Environmental objectives.