Create work across predominantly 3 sectors:


Student Accommodation

The combination of growing student numbers and investor appetite means that student housing provides a sustainable source of projects for the foreseeable future.

Create Construction can apply its vast knowledge in the student accommodation sector to provide accommodation providers with a one stop shop for their accommodation solutions.

Our early involvement allows us to drive efficiency and reduce cost.  Whether a complex is situated on campus, or in a separate location in the wider area, we can deliver an attractive and practical solution.



The Private Rented Sector (PRS) plays a critical role in the housing system helping to meet growing demand and providing flexible tenure choice and Institutional investment in PRS in the UK is set to grow significantly in the short to medium term.

At Create we bring our understanding of how to maximise the value of a development site, while delivering commercially viable projects and providing our clients with a bespoke offer that ensures maximum value without compromising on quality.

We continually develop our knowledge of residential market conditions, and partner with our clients to ensure their projects are built on time, on budget and to specification.

By engaging with our clients from the start of the process, we can identify cost savings and opportunities for greater efficiency both in the short term and over the full lifecycle of the project.




Whether it’s the complete renovation of a chic contemporary interior or the exacting standards required by a national chain, Create can provide the proven experience and trusted delivery, to ensure minimum inconvenience and maximum quality.

The strength of our brand is based on the quality of our service and our ability to exceed expectations. Our service is to enhance our clients’ return on investment through seamless hotel construction and maximising end-user operation.