Create Construction Supports Local Charity to help the less fortunate families of Coventry

Create Construction is proud to be supporting local Charity, Coventry Comfort Carers, by providing assistance to make a difference to the lives of the homeless and less fortunate of Coventry.

Coventry Comfort Carers is run by volunteers and provides assistance to the homeless, domestic violence sufferers and support destitute families and individuals. Their mission is to provide, comfort, food and resettlement to the most vulnerable people of Coventry.

They do this in a multitude of ways, they help the homeless on the street providing food parcels and support. They provide meals at St Columbus church two days a week to the most vulnerable. They also support families, providing food, and help them to get access to services that can help them.

This year the Comfort Carers have had many requests for help, for individuals and families who are struggling to make ends meet. Those people referred often have complex needs. They may be homeless, have health problems, been the victim of a crime or need emotional support. The Comfort Carers are there to provide that support by providing food and friendship. Their volunteers do however rely on donations, to do this work. The Community Resilience Team (CRT) visited the project this year and offered their support to help them find the resources they need.

In September CRT were contacted by Create Construction, who explained that they wanted to help a local charity with food hampers. CRT advised Coventry Comfort Carers could certainly get hampers. to those families in Coventry that needed it most.

Create Construction delivered food/hampers to the value of over £300, to Coventry Comfort Carers, in time for Christmas to help those families that need it most. James Richardson from Create Construction said: “We are proud to be supporting such a worthy cause, and pleased that we can help provide support and assistance to make a difference to the lives of the homeless and less fortunate of Coventry.”

John Coote (Coventry Comfort Carers) said: “It’s really great that a local contractor like Create Construction have offered to support our project. We would like to say a big thank you to them and the Community Resilience Team, for putting this together. This is going to make a real difference to the numbers of people we can help this Christmas.”

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